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Who is Eat Easy for?

Frankly speaking, everyone. Eat Easy, at its most basic, is a meal. A convenient, delicious, nutritious meal. It’s not a meal substitute, but a wholesome, complete meal. However, its unique features do make it most suitable for a specific type of people.

Outstation Students

If you’ve moved cities or countries for the purpose of education, chances are that the food around you a) sucks, b) is too expensive or c) requires too much of an effort to cook. And that traps you in an endless cycle of instant noodles, chips and fast food. You miss good old home-style Indian food, you miss nutrition, you miss the that-was-a-good-meal feeling.

Well no more! Eat Easy meals do not suck (they are rather delicious, actually), they are cheaper than restaurant food and they are super convenient to cook, carry and store. Six months’ worth of brekky, lunch and dinner will occupy just half your suitcase, and one shelf in your kitchen. And it won’t spoil for any of the 6 months, despite having zero preservatives. Too good to be true?  Well it is. Or not. You get the point.


For adventure travellers and campers, food is always an issue. You might say that you will forage from the earth, hunt like men or live with whatever local food is available, but more often than not, you will not like what the earth gives you, you will not be comfortable with skinning a bunny and the local food will taste like it came from the bowels of hell.

On the other hand, if you are a posh traveller who is all about nice hotels and civilization, you might still face a food crisis because that pizza in that cute café in Prague costs the equivalent of Rs. 2000 and that tiny croissant in that chic French bakery goes for Rs. 500. And then, you tell them to give you a vegetarian salad, and they give you one with fish. Because that, apparently, is vegetarian.

Eat Easy offers the perfect solution for both type of travellers. You can conveniently lug our food around anywhere, make it using an electric kettle, a wood fire or a gasoline stove and save those dollars or euros to spend on some extra shopping!

Business Travellers

If your globe-trotting job keeps you away from home for many, many days, marooning you in places like Nagaland or China, were palatable vegetarian food is sparse? Take a few packets of Eat Easy along, and you’ll be all set.


Eat Easy is not just a solution for those away from home. Keeping a few of our meals in your home kitchen will come in handy when you’re too tired to cook, or your little one throws a tantrum and won’t eat what you’ve made, or a bunch of guests show up announced. With Eat Easy, you always have access to a consistently delicious, easy-to-cook and healthy meal.


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