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"A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step" - Lao Tzo

Journey starts

Back in the day a year back, two food lovers hovered over a plate of uneatable pav bhaji in a distant resort in the ghats of Maharashtra. With all their love for food, they could still not finish that dish for it was inedible. Out of nothing came a spark and it brought with it an idea that changed things. They saw a real life problem that affects us and with it came to be a birth of an idea that would change their futures and drive them into unforeseen paths.

It took them a year of research, meeting a lot of experts and working day and night to get this idea into existence, into something concrete that can not only change their life but of a lot more people around.

Startup work

These two engineers, Pranav Nandu and Hardik Shah, had worked on different startups but none as bold or beautiful as this one. It took everything they could give and more to start this, but it ended up with the most delightful of works.

We are Entrepreneurs, Disruptors, Visionaries, the crazy ones, the square pegs in the round holes and we are here to change the way you live, to show you an easier way and a simpler way if you let us.

We Started Easyeat Foods Pvt. Ltd. , A food product startup dealing in ready to cook dehydrated mixes. Eat Easy is the brand of our Products.

let’s have a look what is behind the scenes