3 Steps To Make Eat Easy Meals

  • Step 1: BOIL

  • Step 2: COOK

  • Step 3: KEEP


Boil the water in a vessel and pour the packet ingredients!

Let it cook as per the packet instructions!

Close the lid and let the magic happen!

Your Tasty Meal Is Ready!

How To Make Eat Easy Meals

What Makes Us Special


    Enjoy our tasty Indian meals, anytime, anywhere in the world.


    Our meals are ready to eat in 10 mins.


    Our products are dry in form and have no preservatives at all.


    Prepare easily using a stove, microwave, a hot plate or a kettle, anywhere in the world.

Our Popular Combinations


In the hustle of Cambodia, finding vegetarian options was a mission. Thank goodness for Eat Easy! 

Each evening, I'd unwind with a packet (paneer bhurji is my fave), boil some water, and voila— the delicious sabzi is ready in minutes. It's a game-changer for work trips and holidays alike. 

Eat Easy, you're my hero, keeping it real and tasty. 

Urvee Garg

"Eat Easy's ready-to-cook products were a lifesaver during my trip to Europe! 

Their vegetarian options allowed me to enjoy delicious Indian dishes, wherever I went. 

Thank you, Eat Easy, for providing such a convenient and tasty solution for travelers like me!"

Saloni Shah

"The convenience and taste of these instant meals have completely transformed my travel food experience in Thailand. 

Just add water, and you get a meal that's both nutritious and delicious. It's comforting to have a quick, easy option that doesn't compromise on quality or flavor."

Monish Vora

Eat Easy meals were an absolute lifesaver during my holiday to Thailand! 

Whether it was a beach day out or a lazy afternoon in the room, their delicious meals never disappointed. My personal favorites, the Paneer Bhurji and Dal Makhani, were the perfect blend of flavors and convenience. Highly recommend for any adventure or cozy day in!

Dheep Vora


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